Carnivore Fly Trap – Zoetrope, 2015, Alex Friderici

Artist Website:
Alex Friderici is an artist and VFX designer who’s worked an impressive list of films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Sin City.
His Carnivore Fly Trap Zoetrope explores the intersection of the art of animation with the materiality of 3D printing. He runs EyelandArts, a boutique visual effects studio based in Hollywood, Florida.



University of Hawaii at Manoa

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The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspiration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New/trans Media within the design practice and fine arts.

The theme for Collider:C7 is voxel.


Exhibition Date

August 22, 2016 - September 16, 2016

OPENING Reception

August 23, 2016 4:15-5:00pm